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About Edu Liberty

Edu Liberty is a non-profit company founded solely for the provision of free education for South Africans. The principle of operation is depositing R20 monthly into a business interest bearing account and using the cumulative interest to cover the cost of Education. Edu Liberty aims not only to pay for fees of South African students but also to build educational institutions in order to address the shortage of such facilities. 

Contribute as little as R20 monthly and help us achieve the aforementioned dream;

Free education for South Africans

With an affordable contribution of R20 monthly we can achieve the aforementioned dream. Edu Liberty reducing the cost of education to R20 a month.

Edu Liberty will not only focus on rewarding academic intelligence, it will also focus on rewarding practical geniuses, musical geniuses, sports geniuses, theatrical geniuses and business geniuses.

The funds will assist in creating wholesome education. Providing meals daily, providing uniforms, sport equipment and regalia. So far we’ve contribute R1500 to a student from Centurion Primary, Pretoria

But we’re not done yet.
We need you!

Sponsor an entire project.

Banking Details
Account Holder: EDU LIBERTY NPC
Account Type: 32 Day Flexi Notice
Account Number: 74892803469
Branch Code: 250655

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